A very warm welcome to the British Business Group Nigeria.

With more than 300 members, we are proud to be the most effective business networking and support group in the country, and pleased to remain a Free to Join Group too – our only charge being a modest fee to cover the costs of refreshments served at meetings.

Meetings hold on the first Thursday of every month with the exception of August and December. Each meeting includes a briefing by the British Deputy High Commission, a Guest Speaker talking on a subject of interest and up to three Member Introductory Talks (MITs) showcasing their companies and businesses. Thereafter, we enjoy refreshments whilst Networking with other members.

Aside from these regular meetings, we organise occasional and social gatherings such as BBQs, and in December we have a Christmas Lunch. Our Annual General Meeting holds in April – Audited Financial Statements for the year are presented and the election of the (new) Committee for the following 12 months is concluded too.

The British Business Group is an integral part of the business ecosystem in Nigeria.

The members consist of professionals of the highest integrity committed to promoting British business ventures and interests to the highest standards. They are also stakeholders in their adopted country, Nigeria, who understand the importance of the bi-lateral relationship.

Furthermore, they have created a community based on leadership, trust, compassion and empathy both in times of good fortune and in more challenging situations such as we find ourselves today with the current global pandemic.

They are an excellent example of British business acumen and expertise, working to support each other and Nigeria.


Sir Ben Llewellyn-Jones, OBE,

Deputy British High Commissioner

BBG Heritage Night

British Deputy High Commissioner residence’s in Lagos hosted captains of industries, diplomats and various business representatives on Thursday the 6th of October 2022 when the BBG Nigeria held its 5th Decade Heritage Night Celebration.


Do it with a smile...

Goodwill Message

Virgin Atlantic has always been a proud supporter of the British Business Group, and continues to enjoy the benefits of partcipation in a group that encourages great partnership through a wonderfully diverse membership. The insight and support from the group, and its partners has proven to be valuable, and we will certainly encourage anyone doing business with Nigeria and the UK to take an active part in the group’s activities. 50 years is a great milestone, and I have no doubt this great organisation will be here in another 50 years! Congratulations to everyone involved now, and previously with the BBG. And finally, to all of our customers in the BBG, thank you! Your patience and savvy travel purchasing is a testament to your resilience and we are incredibly grateful! I hope to see you all on board soon!

Justin Bell Country Manager

Greetings from the Chair

The sustainability of this exemplary organisation, which began under the auspices of the High Commissioner in the 1970s, is due to the rich heritage of the remarkable members who are committed to the ethos of Promoting British Business to the Highest Standards.

Whilst my tenure as Chair has been recent, the wealth of history shared by members and the strong sense of community during uncertain mes, from episodes of social unrest to the most recent pandemic, guarantees the British Business Group Thrives as a place of connection and engagement in business and in everyday existence.

The agility of the British Business Group from the British Businessmen’s Group is a testament of its understanding of the significance of change in the workplace and society as we strive to embrace and acknowledge the rich contributions of diversity and inclusion in our business enterprises as well as the dynamism of our adopted home…Nigeria.

We strive for a community of belonging which is a representation of the global business ecosystem as well as our adherence to the sound business ethics of the United Kingdom as we contribute to the investment, trade and development between our two countries with gratitude to our host country, Nigeria, for the opportunities presented to our members.

We are grateful to all in audience, and members of the community, who have joined us on this special day to remember the essence of our longevity and the most important asset of a business …the people. We are all, people embarking and utilising our business platforms to inform, network and innovate whilst creating a legacy which endures for another fifty years. 


Dr. Ama is a successive entrepreneur whose work ethos is informed by Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging (DEIJB). Whether coaching and working with clients and businesses (Allied Empowerment®), dialoguing with thought-provoking inter-generational audience on global workplace and community issues (Thinking Reimagined!®) or focused on issues of gender parity, diversity and Inclusion (Live Abundantly!®), she is intentionally focused on a single question – How to effect and implement meaningful, impactful and long term empowering change thus people Thrive.

During her acceptance speech, Dr Ama emphasised her commitment to “go beyond diversity and inclusion to ensure all members have a true sense of Belonging”. She also reiterated the BBG ethos of “Promoting British Business to the Highest Standards”.

Dr. Ama

Chair of the BBG, Nigeria


I am honoured to say a few words about a truly remarkable man who wholeheartedly gives of himself without reservation.

I am filled with immense gratitude to call Stanley Mathew Evans, MBE, my friend and mentor.

We are all grateful for his generosity of spirit over the past five years particularly through the Covid pandemic. He could have been evacuated, but instead he rang me to ask if I was staying or departing to which I answered in the affirmative  – “I am staying just as you are.”

Thank you, Stan, for demonstrating what it means to be an authentic, servant leader who is committed to each individual even in the darkest of days.

Stan is an exceptional human being in touch with his emotions and grateful for his family and the opportunities our great nation, the United Kingdom, has bestowed.

It will be of no surprise to anyone familiar with Stan to learn he has requested in lieu of a gift the funds be donated to Mirabel Centre which is dedicated to victims of violence.

A toast to the compassionate, empathetic and selfless legacy of Mr. Stanley Evans, MBE.

Stanley Evans , MBE

Deputy Chair of the BBG, Nigeria


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