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Nos. 1 Business Networking Organisation in Nigeria.

Our aim is to be the go-to business group in the Nigeria.

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Visionary British Business Leaders.

Facilitating knowledge and skills sharing from industry experts.


The mission of the British Business Group (BBG) in Lagos is to provide a platform for visionary British business leaders who seek to empower each other by sharing knowledge of Nigeria’s business terrain, collaborating on projects as well as optimising the invaluable connections and resources such an organisation can provide. The Group is led by a very esteemed and meritorious Chairperson and supported by a dedicated committee which actively promotes and establishes relationships with the local community, officials and learned experts, who graciously contribute to the knowledge base of members locally and globally. As expected, the British Business Group also maintains a cordial relationship with the British High Commission and its affiliated organisations.


The British Business Group, established in mid-1970s, is uniquely based in the Lagos metropolis, the seat of commerce in Nigeria. It is the only substantive organisation of its kind in Nigeria thus a recognised brand. All active members uphold the ethos of uncompromising business excellence and integrity. There are innumerable opportunities which are offered within the group to the astute professional members who value diversity, networking and camaraderie.

The inclusive group consists of seasoned British residents who have established ventures to millennials who seek opportunities for their innovative concepts in Nigeria’s economic ecosystem.


Over the last seven years, the British Business Group, under new leadership, has purposefully defined its vision as a networking and business support organisation which reflects the interest of its members who are key stakeholders and influencers in Lagos across all business sectors. This has led, firstly, to its recognition as the premier British association and secondly, to exponential membership growth. Being ambassadors of Great Britain is integral to the group’s ethos, thus, with much optimism and awareness of the inevitable challenges faced by business operators in Nigeria, these associates wholeheartedly believe in their collective success added to which there is an awareness of social and environmental responsibility.


The British Business Group in Lagos is committed to fostering viable British commerce in the adopted country by providing a forum for the British business community in Nigeria. The members recognise and celebrate the interconnectedness of Great Britain and Nigeria along with the exceptional opportunities for enterprise in an emerging market. The well-attended meetings offer a rich array of discussions, presentations, panelists, and, of course, networking. In addition, the informative, pragmatic and actionable content of the gatherings makes it a well sought-after organisation. Furthermore, a vital component of this exemplary association is making British businesses a symbol of success and reverence whilst engaging and contributing to the local economy and beyond.



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